Mansikka is the Finnish word for strawberries.The language of the flowers is as follows. In Japanese, "affection," "respect and affection (respect and love)," "foresight," "seduction," and "happy home. In English, "respect and affection," "perfect good," "euphoria and rapture.

What Mansikka is not

Mansikka is not the cheapest aggregation site. We do not collect information indiscriminately.

Can do

Mansikka calculates estimates and construction costs in the same way as a shopping cart, based on public information from public and commercial sources.

Mansikka is free to use.

Mansikka does not need to register.

Can't do

No inquiries will be accepted. We don't take consultations.

We do not guarantee the results of the calculation.

No guarantee.

May be able to do

You may be able to confirm the validity of the amount from the standpoint of both the maker and the buyer.

The categories displayed on the left side of the screen when operated with a personal computer conform to the "Standard Format for Internal Translations of Public Construction Work".

It may be helpful to check the subjects and items in the breakdown book.