Terms of use

Mansikka will continue to collect and provide as much useful information as possible

At that time, the user must comply with the following conditions

  • Responsibility — Be responsible for what you do.
  • Courtesy — Support a courteous environment and do not harass other users.
  • Legitimate Behavior — Do not violate copyright or other laws.
  • Do No Harm — Do not harm the technical base.
  • How to Use


    The following items are grouped using icons with a limited number. These are unsupported and expedient decisions and are supplemented in brackets.

    1. No image registration : Indicates the amount setting item.
    2. Calculations and forms, etc. performed on a desk : Means deskwork with pencils and rulers. There are almost no price setting items.
    3. New management (new construction) : It is paired with renovation. The brush itself has no meaning and is selected by the number.
    4. Refurbishment : Refurbishment has more procedures than new management.
    5. Architecture : (as it looks) architectural work
    6. Electric equipment : (lightning is written as electric in japanese) Electric
    7. Mechanical equipment : (Although mechanical equipment has air-conditioning ventilation, fire-fighting equipment, etc. in addition to piping) Piping trap
    8. Fence (outside) / temporary : (no entry) triangular cone,
    9. On-site paving : Barricade (indicates off-limits, showing on-site paving)
    10. Outdoor drainage, earth works : Construction heavy machinery (for digging, filling holes, and grooving)
    11. Planting : scoops (for digging and sorting) and forks
    12. Elevator : fall prevention (to elevator pit)
    13. Groundwork : (for confirmation of building) plumb bob
    14. Reinforcing bar : hammer (used for re-mounting)
    15. Concrete : Cat car (used until Showa when placing)
    16. Formwork : Formwork Hammer
    17. Steel frame : spanner (for bolt tightening)
    18. Prefabricated concrete : Triangle ruler (for confirmation of product accuracy)
    19. Water resistance : Level (measuring water gradient)
    20. Stones : chisel, chisel for finishing
    21. Tile : Flat chisel and hammer (divide tile)
    22. Woodworking : Sawtooth
    23. Roof and grate : protractor (measuring the roof slope)
    24. Metal : Gold cutting scissors (cutting iron plate)
    25. Plasterer : a bucket (kneading plasterer material)
    26. Joinery : Right angle ruler (measuring the vertical)
    27. Curtain wall : spanner (for adjusting fasteners) and screwdriver
    28. Painting : (for painting) paint roller, roller brush
    29. Interior / Exterior : (Most frequently used of all types) Convex
    30. Units and others : driver (used for assembly)
    31. Generation material treatment : transportation vehicle
    32. Destroying / Removing : Breaker (indicating Destroying / Removing)
    33. Exterior wall renovation : Baby sander (grooving cracked areas)
    34. Seismic retrofit : Various bits (scraping existing parts and drilling holes)
    35. Environmentally friendly refurbishment : dust mask and goggles (used for asbestos removal)
    36. Labor-related : helmet (indicating labor costs)
    37. Surveys : Toolbox
    38. Home improvement center, etc. : Electric drill


    1. Mansikka is a calculation site and you can put it in your cart without paying.
    2. Mansikka is a calculation site and construction orders cannot be placed in the cart.
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      2. The quantity can be changed in the cart. Please be sure to press the update button after changing the quantity.
      3. The total is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.
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